Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dead Computer

Ok SO the other day Spencer and I wake up and turn on the computer like we normally do.. to discover that all it went to was " Please insert boot device or boot media and select proper boot media and press any key" Which (being the computer geniuses we are haha) we had NO idea what to do except the fact that what it was saying is proabably a BAD sign. We called every computer guy we knew and had one of our frineds come over to look at it... His prognosis was BAD!!!! he didn't think that we could recover anything (which was bad because we hadn't backed up any of our documents which included ALLL the photos of Emma and Brooklyn ALLLL of the photos) needless to say I was a little upset and kicking myself because I knew that the computer was about to crash it kept making a BAD sound over and over again yup lets hear it WE ARE IDIOTS!!! So we took it to my brother and someone he knows at work and they were able to recover all but 15 pictures HALLELUJAH!!!! luckly we have a laptop to tide us over until we get a better computer.

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Jeni said...

Hooray!!!!! I'm so happy for you!