Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sick Girls

I am sitting at home for the second day in a row with very sick children. They both have a really bad caugh and Emma has lost her voice. It is also snowing so we are stuck inside so they don't get any worse. I think that Emma is getting tired of being inside, she wants to go to grandmas house and to go play in the snow. We have practically watched every pixar movie there is in the last two days. I would bake BUT I think that I would probably eat what ever it is that I bake and seeing how my pants have fit the last few days ( is proabably not the BEST idea). I am hoping that they get better in the next few days so we can go to chruch and not have to tell Emma she can't go to Nursury.
I other news Emma is getting very excited for Christmas We have put up our Tree and she LOVED helping decorating the tree. She has also informed Brooklyn that she cannot open the presents until Santa Comes. She has told us that Santa is bringing her " Pink presents"
She is very intrested in the nativity scenes that we have laid out in the house.

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