Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally.. a new post

Ok So I stink at blogging!!! I haven't put a new post on here in forever..
We had an awesome Christmas and Emma was soo excited about Santa coming.. she sang "Santa Clause is comeing to town" until the middle of Janurary.
There is not a whole lot of New stuff going on. Brooklyn is learning all sorts of new tricks like how big is Brooklyn and she raises her hands. she can clap when we say patti cake and she says bye bye. She also is starting to get up on her knees but she hasn't started to crawl yet. We think that she will start soon though.


Jeni said...

Thanks for finally posting something! I'm glad everyone is better finally!

Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

AMANDA!!! Stranger of mine!! How are you??? How old is Brooklyn now? Jessica is still not walking but she sure is trying!! I need to call you one of these days!!! Hey whats your website for you bows?? Miss ya guys, need to take a trip to see you!! Take care