Thursday, February 19, 2009


Brooklyn even had fun... This is the beginning of her doing patti-cake
We went to a bump-jump place for one of my nieces birthdays the slide was Emmas Favorite thing to do.. we "had" to go on it with her quite a bit because she was scared to do it herself at first. Then she started to do it by herself. Emma has perfected the art of dirty looks.

This is Brooklyn's very first ponytail.

This is Brooklyn just being so dang cute!! we had to take a picture. Emma wanted to pant my toes so I let her... I didn't keep it however she did an ok job on some of my toes.

Here is Emma playing her "tar" as she calls it... she enjoys when we let her play Rock Band that Spencer got for Christmas.

This is Emma helping me write a letter to Santa telling him about the cookies and milk.. she was excited to do this.

This is Emma in one of her Princess dresses..(she is walking like the step sisters on Cinderella) She also calls this dress her "Enchanted Dress" because it reminds her of a dress Gisele wears.


Jenifer said...

Thanks for the pictures! I love them!

Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

CUTE!! I cant believe that Brooklyn doesnt have that much hair.. I remember Emma had TONZ!!! They are really cute tho!! We sure miss ya guys! Take care

Jennie said...

I'm glad you finally posted! Your girls are just so adorable....and Emma is so big! I hope to be able to see you guys soon too!