Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ok I know I am horrible at doing my blog... I think that I was better before I got on to facebook.... Oh well I am her now I am I am posting a new post (are you happy now Kelly and Jeni?? :) )

Well Now Brooklyn is walking like crazy and she is getting into practically EVERYTHING. Her new favorite is to empty out the pantry and pull all of the food out and put it in the middle of the floor while I am cooking dinner. She is saying more things like milk, all gone, please, Emma, Hi Dad, bye bye, I am sure there are more but I am can't remember any of them.
Brooklyn turned one in June and I decorated my first B-day cake.. It didn't turn out too bad.
Emma will be turning three in August and she is thrilled she tells everyone that she already is three and that we are going to Chuck-E Cheeses for her Birthday.

We took Emma to Water World in June as well and she had a blast (unforuntetly I can't post the pictures because I can't scan them into the computer) But she now talks about the Dinosours and the mommies (mummy's) that she saw on the rides. She got a little scared but I think it was mroe from the dark tunnels that we went into.

Emma and Brooklyn love playing with each other and enjoy singing with each other. Emma will be singing a song like I am a child of God and Brooklyn chimes in with her rendition of made up words and sounds (it is very cute and very loud!!) but I love it! Brooklyn also likes to cry when Emma is crying which is a lot of fun for Spencer and I to listen to... it gets us all sorts of excited for when they are teenagers.

The other day I was telling Brooklyn "no" to something and Emma is right beside her saying "ya Brooklyn do it" " Do it Brooklyn" and I told Emma " I mean NO" and Emma said " No, you mean yes".... SOOOO I am really looking forward to this when they can REALLY create mischief!
I am not sure what else to say but I will post a whole bunch of pictures!


Ken and Kelly said...

Hey I didn't tell you to update it to make you feel bad.....I just like seeing pictures of your cute kids

Jeni said...

Thank you!! I need to see pictures of my cute nieces! I like to know what problems they are causing!

Humphries said...

What great posts!! You have such beautiful kids. Sounds like you will have your hands full when they are both being mischevious.

Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

YOU HAVE FACEBOOK??? OK im gonna try to find you if not, come find me... Stephanie Barber perrin

Your girls are sooo cute!! They have grown up so much!