Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brooklyn has learned how to crawl.. she is crawling machine! I think she enjoys being able to follow Emma around. however she gets upset when she has crawled all the way into a room where she is or I am and we leave as soon as she gets there.Our little family dressed for church... Emma REALLY didn't want to take this picture.
We celebrated Spencer's B-day (like the candles they were all I had one fell over and ALMOST started our APT on Fire) I made an ice cream cake and we went to Red Robin (our tradtion now)

We gave Brooklyn a fudge cycle and she LOVED it, I think that it is inevitable that our kids will have a sweet tooth since Spencer and I have BAD ones.


k.young said...

Brooklyn is so cute! I think she looks just like you, Amanda!
How fun to have two kiddos!

Brad Hart said...

Hey Parrish Clan! Just ran across your blog and thought I would say hi. Hope all is well!

Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

I agree, Brooklyn looks just like you! She is getting so big!! We so need to get up there and see you guys this summer! Yeah for the crawling.. LET THE FUN BEGIN :) Take care and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPENCER!